We've Got Working Smarter Down To A Science

At TEC, our dedication to tile and flooring installation is what drives us to create innovative, superior products that are scientifically designed to help you work faster and more efficiently, without compromising quality.


Installation Systems for Pool Tile Applications

TEC delivers comprehensive installation systems that work smarter for pools and other submerged installations. A tile swimming pool is a long-lasting, rewarding investment for both residential and commercial property owners. From an Olympic-size regulation pool to a custom spa surrounded by water features, pools offer recreation, fun, fitness, and stress reduction. Our product systems enable efficient installations so installers can construct a tiled pool that retains its beauty and function for years to come. To learn more, download our Pool Tile Systems brochure here.


Wood Secure™ Premium Wood Adhesive

This ultra-high-performance wood flooring adhesive offers 7-10x better moisture control than reactive adhesives and requires no moisture testing! Proprietary polymers transform the installation process with robust adhesion, no toxic fumes, easy plank replacement, and drill-free hollow spot repair. Plus, it is among the easiest to trowel and offers fast cleanup, so you reap the benefits of working smarter, not harder.


Flexera 2K PSA Hybrid Adhesive

Nothing is more effective. TEC Flexera 2K PSA combines the easy, fast-track PSA installation method for flooring with the durability and robust adhesion of epoxy adhesives. Plus offers 10 hours of pot life and up to 4 hours of open time with 75% less mixing. This ultra-high performance, two-part, water-based adhesive is ideal for use in occupied buildings such as hospitals, so you can work smarter instead of harder.


TotalFlex XMS Tile Adhesive

Only TotalFlex® XMS Tile Adhesive is designed for the most challenging wall applications on earth. From exterior building façades to submerged use in pools and clear glass installations, it offers unmatched versatility paired with a time-saving, one-sided application. So work smarter instead of harder with a tile adhesive that sticks where no others can.

Level Set® 400 HF Self-Leveling Underlayment

LS 400 HF is formulated for your fast-track applications.  Our new self-leveling underlayment is pourable or pumpable and provides a smooth surface for finished floor coverings.  Its high flow distance combined with its self-healing properties reduces jobsite labor and saves time.  LS 400 HF is ready for tile in 2-3 hours and moisture sensitive flooring in 15 hours, which allows you to finish jobs faster. 

  • Walkable in 2-3 hours
  • Up to 60 minutes of working time
  • For installations ranging from 1/16" - 1 1/2"*
  • Can be featheredged to adjoining elevations


Offering Trend Forward Grout Colors

Inspired by technology and innovation, we offer some of the industry's most trend forward shades of grout.  Our colors range from Optic White to Jet Black and address the high demand for grays and browns in new combinations. The TEC palette includes 36 dynamic grout colors to choose from. All designed to coordinate perfectly with any decor or style and offer lasting visual appeal.