Level Set® 400 HF Self-Leveling Underlayment



LS 400 HF is formulated for your fast-track applications.  Our new self-leveling underlayment is pourable or pumpable and provides a smooth surface for finished floor coverings.  Its high flow distance combined with its self-healing properties reduces jobsite labor and saves time.  LS 400 HF is ready for tile in 2-3 hours and moisture sensitive flooring in 15 hours, which allows you to finish jobs faster. 

Recommended Substrates

When properly prepared, suitable substrates include:
• Concrete
• Ceramic, porcelain or quarry tile
• Pavers
• Cement or epoxy terrazzo
• Cement backerboard
• Metal
• VCT or full glued down, non-cushioned vinyl sheetgoods
• Exterior grade plywood (with reinforcement lath)
• Oriented Strand Board (OSB) (with reinforcement lath)
• Gypsum substrates (properly primed) with minimum tensile bond strength 72 psi (0.5 MPa)

Recommended Applications

  • Interior

Set Speed

  • Fast

Product Features

• High flow distance and speed reduces labor and produces a super smooth surface
• Once cured, no need for additional sanding or skim coating
• For installations ranging from 1/16"-11/2"*
• Can be featheredged to adjoining elevations

*Must be 1/16" over highest point of the floor

• Up to 60 minutes of working time
• Pourable or pumpable
• Formulated for fast-track applications - walkable in 2-3 hours
• Install moisture sensitive floor covering in 15 hours and ceramic tile in 2-3 hours

• Compatible with all types of floor covering - wood, vinyl planks & sheet goods, linoleum, rubber, ceramic LFT, VCT etc.
• Contributes to LEED® project points
• Zero VOC

Product Downloads

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