Wood Secure™ Premium Wood Adhesive

TEC Wood Secure is a game-changing, ultra-high performance wood flooring adhesive specifically designed to provide unmatched moisture vapor control combined with super-easy cleanup and simple, non-destructive hollow spot repair. This versatile “everyday” adhesive is suitable for solid, engineered and parquet wood flooring as well as crumb rubber underlayments. Wood Secure provides robust adhesion while allowing fast board replacement without the subfloor destruction typically seen with urethane adhesive installations. The unique multi-polymer formula contains no isocyanates and can be used for above and below grade installations.

Recommended Flooring Type

  • Engineered Wood*
  • Solid Wood
  • Parquet
  • Acoustic Underlayments

*Not for use with MDF/HDF core engineered flooring

Recommended Substrates

  • Concrete
  • Portland based underlayment
  • Properly prepared gypsum
  • OSB, including ADVANTECH BOARD
  • APA Approved Plywood
  • Terrazzo that is properly prepared; sanded to open the porosity, vacuumed, then cleaned with mineral spirits or alcohol
  • Fiber Cement Underlayment
  • Radiant Heated Subfloors

Product Features

  • Ultra-low moisture vapor permeability for unlimited subfloor moisture control
  • No moisture testing required when installed using the Moisture Control Method
  • Most “hollow areas” can be corrected, WITHOUT expensive and time-consuming drilling and injecting process
  • Extra “roll-on” moisture barriers are not needed when installed using the Moisture Control Method
  • Installer friendly, easy to trowel and clean up, even after the adhesive is dried and completely cured
  • Can be used to glue down 3/4" solids (up to 18" long)
  • Provides easy board replacements, compared to urethane adhesives
  • Excellent elongation, it will bridge subfloor cracks up to 1⁄8"
  • Can be used to glue down recycled rubber and cork sound control underlayment products, up to 5 mm thick
  • Environmentally friendly, no alcohol or solvents, no “Red List” components

Product Downloads

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