Microbial Wax & Cutback Adhesive Remover

TEC Microbial Wax and Cutback Adhesive Remover (MWCR) is an advanced, ready-to-use surface preparation solution that effectively removes wax and cutback adhesive contaminants from flooring substrates. The fast-acting microbial formula breaks down hydrocarbon-based contaminants which can then be washed off with water. Unlike traditional solvent-based adhesive removers that leave harmful residues and inhibit bonding, no concrete shot blasting or grinding is required after MWCR application. MWCR leaves a clean residue-free subfloor surface ready for flooring installation

  • Ready-to-use water-based formula
  • Solvent-free & no harmful fumes
  • Leaves no adverse residues that could inhibit bonding
  • No mechanical removal or neutralizing required for faster results at a lower cost
  • Fast-acting microbial technology
  • Effectively removes hydrocarbon-based waxes and cutback adhesives
  • Easy cleanup with water rinse
  • Restores floor surface to a pristine, contaminant-free substrate

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These ready-to-use microbial products are water-based and leverage unique MicroBlast Technology™ to restore surfaces quickly, easily, and cleanly with no harsh chemicals or leftover product residue. 

The MicroBlast Technology also eliminates the need for shot-blasting during a flooring renovation, reducing labor and complexity