Grout Boost

Grout Boost® is an additive that can be mixed with cement-based grout in place of water, when grout is installed, to provide resistance to water and oil-based grout stains.

Recommended Applications

  • Interior
  • Exterior

Product Features

  • Stain-proof*
  • Mixes in place of water with any standard Portland cement grout
  • Grout never needs sealing
  • Does not affect grout color**


*Grout Boost® is stain proof to most common household, residential stains when cleaned immediately.

** Grout Boost® is mixed with a Portland cement based grout. All Portland cement based products, including grout, have the potential for efflorescence and color shading, which is not considered a manufacturing defect. Grout Boost® doesn’t cause efflorescence. Refer to on proper installation techniques to help prevent grout efflorescence.

Product Downloads

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