Nose Caulk Filler


TEC® 2-Part Nose Caulk Filler is a 2-part, solvent-free, high-performance epoxy caulking adhesive, used for indoor installations of rubber and vinyl stair treads. This epoxy caulking adhesive provides support to the “nose” area, particularly on stairs that have irregular wear or oddly shaped leading edges.

Recommended Applications

  • Interior
  • Stone, horizontal or vertical concrete or tile applications

Set Speed  

  • Fast

Product Features

  • Commercial grade
  • High strength
  • >10,000 psi
  • 100% Solids, non-shrink
  • Initial set: 14 min
  • Secures railings or posts
  • Resists chemicals / solvents
  • Low VOC

Product Downloads

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