Moisture Mitigation Made Easy with Our Pre-Mitigation Checklist


Moisture mitigation is an increasingly important step in many large commercial flooring and tile jobs. Because the potential effects of excessive moisture vapor emission rates can be so costly, you should carefully take all jobsite conditions into account prior to the application of a moisture vapor barrier. Use the TEC® Moisture Mitigation Pre-Installation Checklist before beginning your next large installation.

Use the Pre-Mitigation Checklist to Sell Surface Prep: This pre-installation checklist provides a useful format for keeping notes for both yourself and your customer. It includes space to record general descriptions of the floor – like slab thickness, flatness and roughness, and construction joints and joint condition. Seeing conditions in writing may help both you and your customer better understand the surface preparation requirements of a job. It’s important to scope out job conditions and educate your customers about those conditions. Doing this step, may help sell surface prep products to your customer.

Use the Pre-Mitigation Checklist to Keep Records: We recommend carefully recording testing data. This checklist has fields for you to record RH reading, dates and times, calibration date, and range of test results. It also has fields for moisture meter test results, pH levels, calcium chloride tests, and temperature. This form will help you answer questions that come up during or after installation and help you avoid moisture claims.

This form, combined with our easy-to-use TEC LiquiDam™ moisture vapor barrier, should simplify moisture mitigation for both you and your customer. Download the Pre-Mitigation Checklist before your next project.

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