How to Work Effectively and Efficiently in Occupied Spaces


Installing tile and flooring in an occupied space can present challenges, including expected fast turnarounds and working during odd hours. Follow these five flooring installation tips for effectively working in occupied residential and commercial environments.

1. Fast-setting systems: One of the most important flooring installation tips for working in occupied space is to open it up to traffic as quickly as possible. In occupied spaces, you run the risk of passersby unexpectedly walking over your installation and affecting its integrity. For this reason, look for surface preparation products, adhesives and grouts that cure quickly, such as Power Grout® and a fast-setting mortar like TEC® Fast Set Ultimate Large Tile Mortar. Fast-drying products can prevent unexpected traffic from marring your installation, and help your customers get back to business as usual more quickly.



2. Prepare to work at odd hours: Sometimes, installing tile and flooring outside of business hours will help both you and your client work more efficiently. For example, The Fashion Mall at Keystone in Indianapolis, IN needed to remain open for regular business hours while getting its floors replaced. Installers needed to have tile laid, mortar set and grout applied in just ten hours. To achieve this, the team turned to TEC®Fast Set Ultimate Large Tile Mortar and Power Grout® Ultimate Performance Grout for more than 100,000 square feet of tile flooring.

3. Safety first: Installations in occupied spaces introduce an added responsibility for your team: keeping those who live and work in the space safe.

Some installation environments have particular adhesive requirements because of air quality concerns. Make sure your adhesive is approved for use if working in one of these areas – which include hospitals, schools and assisted living facilities. Look for adhesives with low or no-VOCs and that have minimal odor for use in occupied spaces.

4. Work clean: When working in an occupied building, contain your mess! Avoid making more work for the building tenants by preventing residual grime from finding its way into their spaces. Set up a control area for activities that generate the most dust – like cutting and mixing. Wipe down the surrounding area regularly so you do not track dust throughout the building.

5. Dress for success: When you’re working in an occupied space, someone walking by could be a potential client. With that in mind, encourage your team to dress in a way that reflects your business. Of course, your installers won’t be wearing sport coats. But t-shirts with company logos are great investments.

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