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More about Flooring/Multipurpose Adhesives

The lineup of TEC® multipurpose adhesives provide you with the options you need to select the right carpet or flooring adhesive. These adhesives are capable of providing exceptional bond strength on a variety of substrates so you can handle multiple projects that include:

•    Plywood
•    Multiply underlayment panels
•    Fiber-cement underlayment
•    On, above or below grade concrete
•    Latex portland cement-based underlayment
•    Unsealed cement terrazzo

Benefits of the TEC multipurpose adhesives include:

•    Excellent grab
•    Good initial tack
•    Strong resiliency
•    Tenacious bond
•    Easy spreading
•    Capable of working with carpet, mineral and felt backings
•    Freeze/thaw stable
•    Low odor
•    Zero VOC (volatile organic compound)

The Pro®, The Perfect Putdown® and the Contract Multipurpose Adhesive are all CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Green Label Plus approved, meaning they have passed industry-standard testing to ensure they have very low emissions that do not negatively impact air quality.

The Pro, The Perfect Putdown and the Contract Multipurpose Adhesive are available through wholesale distributors and retailers across the United States and Canada. Please refer to the product MSDS and PDS for important precautions and technical data.

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