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From shopping malls to high-end showrooms and sport facilities, the full line of professional grade TEC® products is used to ensure that flooring projects are completed on time while maintaining an uncompromising level of quality and aesthetic appeal.

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TEC Liquidam EZ moisture vapor barrier featured at research hospital headquarters

New TEC® Moisture Mitigation System Saves Labor at The Regenstrief Institute

The Regenstrief Institute, an internationally respected research institution, opted for cutting-edge flooring solutions at their Indianapolis, IN, headquarters. Innovative TEC® surface prep products and mortars were used throughout the four-story, 80,000-square-foot building, which will host 165 staff members and a large number of allied scientists working on local, national and global research. Not long after construction began in October 2014, challenges started to arise within the floors of the building. Starnet contractor, Certified Floorcovering Services, Inc., discovered that more than 3,000 square feet of the concrete slab in the foyer and bathroom had a high relative humidity (RH) of 96. Moisture mitigation was the only way to solve the problem on the burnished, contaminated concrete, and TEC® moisture mitigation systems were the solution.
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TEC products used in heavy duty commercial car showroom in California

Award-winning BMW dealership in California relies on TEC® for breathtaking car showroom

One of the most awarded BMW dealerships in the United States, located in Southern California, recently underwent a makeover. Flooring and wall renovations at the 90,000-square-foot facility, undertaken with TEC® products, had to live up to the dealership’s superior reputation aesthetically and provide the performance required for the demanding showroom environment. The California dealership touts its commitment to customer service as a reason for its success, and the recent renovations aimed to enhance the customer experience. 123,832 square feet of tile create a sleek, high-end aesthetic in all parts of the dealership – from the service area to the stand-alone iCar building, which houses a sustainable innovation.
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TEC InColor premixed grout used at Michigan State University tile installation

Diverse Tiles, Set with TEC® Products, Transform MSU North End Zone Complex

Michigan State University’s football team finished 2013 undefeated in Big Ten Play and won the 2014 Rose Bowl. Its new North End Zone Complex not only celebrates the team’s previous success, but also looks toward future victories with a state-of-the-art recruiting center. The new facility features about 16,000 square feet of tile, set with TEC® products. Comprising 50,000 square feet in two levels, the new North End Zone Complex is an inspiring home base for the Spartans. The locker room alone measures 5,000 square feet, with two 500-square-foot shower areas. The renovated space also features a prominent recruiting center for all MSU athletic teams, support spaces, media rooms, concession areas and additional restrooms.
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