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Fast-Set Deep Patch

Fast-Set Deep Patch

TEC® Fast-Set Deep Patch is a cement-based underlayment designed specifically for deep fills, ramping, and leveling concrete and plywood subfloors (dry areas only) from featheredge up to 11⁄2" (38 mm) in a single application, up to 5" (12 cm) with proper aggregate. Can be applied with steel trowel, float and/or screed to produce a smooth, level surface. TEC® Fast-Set Deep Patch cures to a walkable surface in approximately 60 minutes.

  • Feather edge up to 1½" (38 mm) in a single application and up to 5"
    (12 cm) with proper aggregate.
  • Walkable hardness in 60 minutes, apply most floor coverings in 1 to 1-1/2 hours.
  • Apply with steel trowel, float and/or screed.
  • 4,200 psi compressive strength.
  • Contains zero VOC.
  • Available in 25 lb. bags.

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Fast-Set Deep Patch


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