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More about Polymer Modified Mortars

Adding polymer to traditional mortars offers improved workability, adhesion and curing performance. It also makes the mortar suitable for use as a thin set mortar, as the added strength allows for a thinner layer of mortar to be effective.

TEC® offers many types of polymer-modified mortars, including high-performance premium formulas, general purpose products, lightweight modified thin set mortars and more.

Super Flex™ Mortar, an ultra-premium mortar, offers a patented bonding formula that provides unparalleled bond strength, especially with glass and porcelain tile. 3N1® Performance Mortar is a lightweight premium mortar that combines medium bed and non-sag features. Full Flex® Mortar can be used over plywood, cementitious surfaces and other substrates. And Ultimate Large Tile Mortar is a high-performance medium or thin set mortar ideal for installing large format tile.

For general purpose use, TEC offers FortiFlex®2 Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar, suitable for most installations, and Sturdi Flex™ Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar, a reliable all-purpose mortar that can be used for bonding porcelain and ceramic tile.

Rounding out the TEC range of polymer-modified mortars are Medium Bed Mortar and FortiFlex® 1 Mortar. Both are entry-level mortars suitable for a range of applications, and both are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Finally, TEC offers a lightweight SturdiLight™ Lightweight Latex Modified Thin Set Mortar. This is suitable for everyday applications over plywood, cementitious surfaces and other substrates. It contains 5% pre-consumer recycled content (gray), 4% pre-consumer recycled content (white) and zero VOCs.

For more information on any of the latex modified thin set grouts offered by TEC, please download the PDS and MSDS for each product.

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