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When your project needs high-performance grout, choose one of our advanced performance options. From crack, shrink and stain resistant grout to formulas that perform under diverse conditions, TEC® products offer advanced technology and performance.

TEC® Power Grout® gives you all the benefits of epoxy grout while providing ease of use. A unique breakthrough in grout technology, TEC® Power Grout® offers excellent performance in virtually any environment, including high traffic and wet conditions and in residential and commercial applications. In addition, Power Grout® is:

  • Stain proof - never needs sealing
  • Guaranteed for color uniformity and zero efflorescence 
  • Fast setting; open to traffic in 4 hours
  • For grout joints from 1⁄16" to 1⁄2" wide (1.6 mm to 12 mm)
  • Residential to Extra Heavy Commercial Applications

Power Grout® exceeds specifications set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and contains zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It’s considered a universal epoxy grout formula for wall and floor applications, for grout joints from 1⁄16" to 1⁄2" wide (1.5 mm to 12 mm).

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