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Choosing the right grout is an essential part of your tiling project. Tile grout is as varied as the types of tiles available, and each type has different applications and advantages. From advanced performance formulas to cementicious grouts—and everything in between—TEC® offers the best grouts and related products.

TEC offers several advanced performance tile grout products, including Power Grout® Ultimate Performance Grout. Power Grout combines many of the benefits of epoxy and urethane grouts with easy applicatin. It also offers excellent performance in virtually any environment, including high traffic and wet conditions and in residential and commercial applications.

Cementicious grout is another type of tile grouting. AccuColor® Premium Grout (available in sanded and unsanded formulas) is a polymer-enhanced Portland cement grout that provides highly wear-resistant, color consistent joints. It offers solid performance in virtually any environment, including high traffic or wet conditions.

AccuColor Premium Grout can be used in exterior applications in freeze/thaw conditions when mixed with TEC® Acrylic Grout Additive. Acrylic Grout Additive is an acrylic latex admixture formulated for use in place of water when grouting ceramic tile. It makes joints less susceptible to water penetration and increases grout flexibility.

When you’re ready to start tile grouting, TEC has a range of high-performance products, from grout to additives to clean up. Download the PDS for each product for more details.

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