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TEC® Contributes to an NWFA Wood Floor of the Year Installation

A TEC® product helped flooring producer and installer Archetypal Imaginary win a sixth consecutive “Wood Floor of the Year” award at the annual National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) Wood Flooring Expo, which concluded May 1 in St. Louis.

The prestigious 2015 “Wood Floor of the Year” Awards—an industry staple—were presented on April 29 following a thorough evaluation and selection process by a panel of NWFA-commissioned judges. The panel included trade and consumer editors, industry leaders and professional designers. Each year, a total of eight “Wood Floor of the Year” Awards are given to encourage and recognize innovative craftsmanship and design in wood flooring installations.

Archetypal Imaginary won in the “Best Reclaimed” category for its work with a reclaimed white oak and walnut custom wood floor it installed in a summer home in Russia.

Archetypal Imaginary partnered with Evropoly, a prominent Russian wood studio, to produce and install custom wood floors to complement the ambiance of the picturesque home. The floors included a combination of nailed and glued-down boards 8 inches wide and varying in lengths up to 14 feet. TEC® WoodStrong® flooring adhesive was used to successfully install the boards.

TEC® WoodStrong® was chosen for its strength, flexibility and ease of handling during the installation. Because Russia’s four-season climates can cause wood to expand and contract, a flexible adhesive was required for the project. The premium urethane formula of TEC® WoodStrong® develops a highly elastomeric bond that moves with the wood flooring, which provided the appropriate amount of elasticity for the project.

Architect Sergey Ribyanov oversaw the project, in collaboration with Levon Karapetvan from Havasa Flooring Design in San Francisco.